Thank You for Volunteering

The College does better when its alumni and parents are engaged with its academic mission. We all want to ensure Kenyon remains a place where ideas are asserted, contested and examined from multiple viewpoints in the pursuit of new understanding and new solutions.

It is your generosity of time, energy and spirit that will carry us on our path forward. Thank you for being here and for supporting Kenyon.

How You Can Help

Promote the Campaign on Social Media

We know that Kenyon alumni and parents listen to other Kenyon alumni and parents. Help amplify our message by sharing our campaign graphics and stories to your own social media channels. Tag us @kenyoncollege or use hashtag #KenyonForward.

If you're not already, please follow Kenyon on social media and encourage other alumni and parents to do the same: 

Share Your Story

When you think about why you support Kenyon, your thoughtfulness will inform how you talk about the campaign with your Kenyon friends and family. Sharing your story with other prospective donors is a powerful way to connect us on the same path. Your message of support for Kenyon will be more powerful when you personalize it, but here is some sample language to serve as a starting point for your conversations.

Key Messages

For nearly two centuries, Kenyon has set the standard for excellence in liberal arts education. Our Path Forward is a $300 million comprehensive campaign that will enable Kenyon to continue graduating leaders.

The largest single campaign priority is $100 million for financial aid to make Kenyon accessible for the most promising students. We also are seeking $25 million for endowed faculty positions.

The campaign is raising dedicated funds for internships, research projects and other experiential learning to help students build a bridge between what they learn in the classroom and how they use that in the real world.

The campaign will create a state-of-the-art library, a new social sciences academic building and an admissions building in the West Quad to equip our campus for 21st-century teaching and learning.

Our goal is for 70 percent of Kenyon’s alumni to participate in the campaign, and many of them will give to the Kenyon Fund for annual support of the College’s expenses. 

Engage and Participate

In addition to our fundraising goal, we have goals to raise the participation and engagement 
of Kenyon’s alumni body by June 2021. Alumni engagement includes activities that are valued by alumni, that build enduring relationships, that inspire loyalty and financial support of the College’s mission and that strengthen Kenyon’s reputation in wider circles. Our measurement of engagement is divided into four components: volunteerism, attendance, philanthropy and other activities that include communications.

Consider Your Own Gift

There is much work to be done following the public launch of the Our Path Forward campaign if we are to meet our strategic goals. Please consider your own gift to Kenyon. There are many facets of the Kenyon experience, and we encourage you to think about how your contribution can connect to the part of the experience you have found most meaningful.


More than 12,376 alumni and parents have supported the campaign.

Partner with us to forge our path forward.
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