Today’s Kenyon students benefit from the same meaningful connections with their professors and access to financial aid. We rely on alumni like you to support not just the daily operations of the College, from books and beds to breakfasts. Show your appreciation for all that Kenyon did for you by making a leadership gift today. 

Lead by Example

6,331 Kenyon alumni attended between 2005 and 2019. If each one donates to the Kenyon Fund at the minimum Gambier Society amount for their class year, it will generate more than $4.8 million in support of Kenyon students.

Kenyon recognizes that young alumni are at the beginning of their philanthropic relationship with the College. The Gambier Society for Young Alumni encourages 2005-2019 alumni to become leaders in philanthropy through the tiered giving structure detailed below.

Class Years Monthly Gift Gift AmounT
2016 - 2019 $10 $120
2011 - 2014 $50 $600
2006 - 2010 $100 $1,200
2005 and earlier $208.34 $2,500

Please note: the monthly gift amounts above reflect 12 payments (July-June); recognition as a Gambier Society for Young Alumni member will be based on total giving for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Why should I give?

The Gambier Society aims to bring the young members of the Kenyon alumni community home. Think back to a time when Gambier was new in your mind. Taking a stroll down Middle Path, visiting the bookstore or grabbing a coffee on Wiggin Street in the Ohio sunlight seemed like perfection. While times are changing, as they always do, and the village might look a little different than in your time here, every student has their own profound experience with Gambier in their time here. You can create that same experience for a new student at Kenyon, and ensure the same love and support of the College you have into the future generations.


For more information or questions regarding young alumni giving or to find out if your employer has a matching gift program, please contact Parker Subia, the alumni philanthropy fellow, at 740-427-5152 or