During the most recent fiscal year, gifts to the Kenyon Fund helped support 190 full-time professorships and 31 coaches and maintain 155 campus buildings on 1050 acres of Kenyon-owned land. Gifts directed toward financial aid provided the equivalent of 87 full-tuition scholarships.

Kenyon Fund Overview

Goal: $5,635,000
Timeline: July 1 - June 30

Allocations with the Kenyon Fund include: academic support, athletics and physical fitness, green Kenyon, the Hannah More Scholarship for first generation students, scholarship and financial aid, student life, campus preservation, area of greatest need, the Kenyon Women’s Annual Fund and the Pope Memorial Annual Fund.

Operating Budget Support

The Kenyon Fund is responsible for raising $5,635,000 or about five percent of the College’s budget of $160,845,000 for the 2019-20 fiscal year.

At 25 percent of the total, financial aid is the largest expense in the operating budget, supporting students’ access to a Kenyon education. The operating budget also supports faculty salaries, academic programs, facilities maintenance, student services and computer services.