Susan and I are delighted to support the Kenyon Access Initiative. This opportunity fits so well with Kenyon's existing diversity, equity and inclusion goals, as well as our own desires to support those efforts in a meaningful way. The Schuler Foundation’s very generous funds match is simply too good to pass up

Jim Finn '70 Member of the campaign leadership committee and Board of Trustees and early donor to the initiative

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Jen Smith '22 English Major

  “My experience has taught me that when we include and welcome new voices, we transform our conversations, culture, and outcomes for the better. I believe that the Kenyon Access Initiative will help the college do this, and as soon as I learned about this opportunity, I knew I both wanted and needed to support it.”

Greg Nosan ’90

“The Kenyon Access Initiative was presented just as I was considering how to best honor my parents and their combined 80th birthdays. My parents not only instilled in me a love of learning, but gave me the gift of four years at Kenyon; therefore, an exceptional liberal arts education. Their names will forever be associated with a scholarship that will allow students, who may not have had the opportunity otherwise, to live and learn on The Hill.”

Anne Hobbs Ranson ’92